Witham's Cave Of Curiosities

As a family we produce many different items for sale using many different types of crafts. One of the most exciting items that we produce are products using crystals. Since time began crystals have been used in medicines, charms and jewellery due to their healing properties and as a family we can personally testify to the benefits of wearing them.

As it’s all but impossible to list these items in any kind of order (even we don’t know what we’ll be making next!) we decided to call our online Shop “Witham’s Cave Of Curiosities”. Our online Shop has just launched.

You may also view and buy our products at:

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whilst enjoying a coffee and a slice of cake!

We are the Witham family

Neil and I are a home loving couple who enjoy spending time together with our two girls. All of us enjoy making things together using a wide range of materials. We use items as diverse as glitter, glue and card to ceramics, glass, leather, cement and driftwood. All of our items are crafted with love and all are individual pieces. It gives us an enormous amount of pleasure to start with basic materials and turn them into something that ends up as an item of value to someone in their home.

Peace & Love

Neil, Natalie, Tia & Ava

Our Garden is one of our happy places, it’s a fabulous place for the mind, body and soul, a peaceful place where the beauty and power of nature is all around us.

As a family we follow some of the teachings of Wicca. Find out more above ....

The Moon Today


Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Many of our beliefs and views are expressed by Arin Murphy-Hiscock in her book “The Green Witch”. She writes with clarity and dedication on subjects such as the natural magic of herbs, flowers and essential oils. Arin tells us:

“Whatever your reasons for seeking balance you’ll find that harmonizing yourself with the energy of nature can help you break free from the stressors in your life and focus on the here and now. And there is no better way to explore the bounty of nature than by following the path of the green witch.”

Buy a copy of her book above and begin your journey today.

The Power Of Crystals

Everyone is attracted to gemstones. Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, and  Sapphires are prized the world over. These are indeed precious stones; they uplift the heart. 

Their brightness is what most people think of when they hear the word "crystal." Equally prized are the semiprecious stones such as Carnelian, Garnet, Rock Crystal, and Lapis Lazuli. They have been used for ornamentation and as a symbol of power for thousands of years. But such crystals were valued for more than their beauty-they each had a sacred meaning. In ancient cultures their healing properties were as important as their ability to adorn.

Precious & Semi-precious Stones

When shopping for healing bracelets or any bracelet with stone beads, you’re going to come across ‘precious stones’, ‘semiprecious’ stones, and the elusive ‘gemstones’.

Knowing what these 3 mean – and what (if anything) they have in common – will help you select the right piece for your collection.


Natalie & Neil Witham
Witham's Cave Of Curiosities
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